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[XB1] 28/32 LCL Fantasy drafted sim league year 2 in 21, year 8 overall. Shop, custom draft system, league currency, casino, live announced Super Bowl. DM for invite

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[XB1] 28/32 LCL Fantasy drafted sim league year 2 in 21, year 8 overall. Playoff teams available. FA/draft starting soon. Shop, custom draft system, league currency, casino, live announced Super Bowl. DM for invite

[XB1] 28/32 LCL Fantasy drafted sim league year 2 in 21, year 8 overall. Playoff teams available. FA/draft starting soon. Shop, custom draft system, league currency, casino, live announced Super Bowl. DM for invite submitted by Juuless_Joe_Jackson to Madden [link] [comments]

[XB1] 28/32 LCL Fantasy drafted sim league year 2 in 21, year 8 overall. Shop, custom draft system, league currency, casino, live announced Super Bowl. DM for invite

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[XB1] 28/32 LCL Fantasy drafted sim league year 2 in 21, year 8 overall. FA/Draft starting soon. Shop, custom draft system, league currency, casino, live announced Super Bowl. DM for invite

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[XB1] 28/32 LCL Fantasy drafted sim league year 2 in 21, year 8 overall. Shop, custom draft system, league currency, casino, live announced Super Bowl. DM for invite

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[USA VA][H] PS2, PS3, Original Xbox Game lots [W] PayPal

Happy Thursday!
Clearing some shelf space and offering a couple lots of games I either already have, or don't need for my collection. Each lot is priced including shipping priority with tracking. All games are tested and working great.
PlayStation 2 Lot - 17 games total. $35 shipped
PlayStation 3 lot (7 Games) - $21 shipped
Original Xbox Lot (15 Games) - $50 shipped
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Best Way to Spend 200 SimCash?

I've saved a little over 200 SimCash via Rewards and Daily Rewards via Videos featuring the three Crates. Recently finished some Residential Zone upgrades and sitting at Level 26 while scavenging all the Expansion Items. I'm looking to slow things down and boost Wealth per Tile using the Entertainment HQ Buildings that can be purchased with SimKeys. With Transportation and Education unlocked too, I can manage to keep all SimCitizens at full Happiness.
I've started out with all Deluxe Service Buildings for vast coverage throughout main Residential Zones and built secondary Regular Service Buildings to slowly begin increasing Population.
I'm awaiting Eco-Friendly Factory/Garbage Removal Services along with Nuclear Power Plants for higher Power per Population and to reduce Pollution although I have kept away all Factories and Garbage/Waste away from Residential Zones.
Looking to treat my SimCity to something special and I am considering adding those spectacular Large Lakes for (60 SimCash each) and possibly featuring the Mayor Mansion in the middle with maybe Statue of Liberty or another iconic Landmark.
Would that be the best item for 200 SimCash or would I be wise to save up for possibly the SimCity Casino-Styled Theme Sign. I also have Beach and Mountain area unlocked however nothing seems too appealing at the moment.
Also how should I consider introducing the Lakes into the Layouts? I'm hoping to maximize Wealth per Tile as much as possible. Looking forward to hearing other Players thoughts and advice!
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First rebuild coming up! I'm giving away some of my lovely bitizens:
9 Skill in their dream job:
Other dream job: will give out randomly if no one takes them :D
That's all the bitizens I have! They need a home like us so take them! My code is 6GWPX!
Edit: Also I have all the costume so remember to request costume too!
Edit2: I will close the giveaway at 0am Monday 1/22 (in my timezone) means 12pm Sunday 1/21 (EST time zone) !
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[SC2013 Mods] Offline Only Mods

Since the offline patch, mods have been flourishing all around the place and I thought it would be useful to have a summing up post about them.
This will be divided in three posts because of the character limit. Offline Only Mods (this one) Online Compatible Building and Vehicle Compatible Mods Online Compatible Other Mods
Mods will be presented this way: Name (linking to the download page) - Author - Submission date - Quick summary of the mod


Keep in mind that two mods modifying the same parameter won't be compatible with each other.
Airport Enhancement Pack - CapTon - 16/04/2014 - 25 total terminals, 25 runways, job capacity increased Recycling Center Enhancement Pack - CapTon - 17/04/2014 - 20 recycling truck garages, 10 delivery truck garages, 10 production modules, job capacity increased TradePort Mod - HyugaHinata - 16/04/2014 - 30 lots, cost decreased Garbage Enhancement Pack - CapTon - 15/04/2014 - 20 garbage dumps, 20 garbage incinerators, 20 garbage truck garages, job capacity increased Education Enhancement Pack - CapTon - 15/04/2014 - 30 domitories, 10 classrooms (grade school), grade schools and grade school classrooms student capacity increased Roman Casino Mod - Brenflakes - 14/04/2014 - 10 signs, 28 modules, rooms now welcome HW tourists and have more capacity
University Schools and Dormitories for Community College - CapTon - 16/04/2014 - Adds university modules to community college InscreaseUniversity - HyugaHinata - 16/04/2014 - University student capacity increased Insane Megatower Mod - Brenflakes - 16/04/2014 - Megatowers level numbers significantly increased to make megatowers even more mega Empire State Building with Airship Mooring Station - xoxide - 15/04/2014 - Adds an airship module to the Empire State Building (requires the airship DLC) Two Water Mods Pack - CapTon - 15/04/2014 - Adds water pump module to the sewage treatment plant and sewage tank to the water pumping station Lower Schools Mods Pack - CapTon - 14/04/2014 - Adds gymnasium and high school classrooms for grade school, adds extension wings for high school Plastic Polymerizer for Oil Well - CapTon - 12/04/2014 - Adds the plastic polymerizer module to the oil well CapTon's Police Mods Pack - CapTon - 06/04/2014 - Adds patrol car lots, the police dispatch tower, detective wings and crime prevention centers to the police station CapTon's Medical Mods Pack - CapTon - 04/04/2014 - Adds large patient wings, wellness centers, the emergency center, the diagnostic lab and the surgical center to the clinic CapTon's Fire Mods Pack - CapTon - 21/03/2014 - Adds the fire dispatch tower, fire marshal offices, hazmat fire garages and fire helipads to the small fire station Large School Bus - parkerwyoung - 17/02/2014 - Double the grade school buses' student capacity Garbage Incinerator Ploppable on Road - CapTon - 15/04/2014 - Title self-explanatory Gamble module is very far - SSign - 12/04/2014 - Casinos' plopabble range greatly increased (comedy club excluded) Municipal Bus Garage for Shuttle Bus Depot - CapTon - 06/04/2014 - Title self-explanatory
Public transport - HyugaHinata - 12/04/2014 - Shuttles/Busses/Trams stops capacity increased to 5000, maybe more but lacks precision in the description FREE Roads and FREE Road Upgrades (All Roads) - Idealcastle - 09/04/2014 - Roads and tracks are free to build, roads are free to upgrade, tunnels and bridges are free Pedestrian Paths - xoxide - 15/04/2014 - Adds a new set of pedestrian paths to the parks palettes, carries pedestrians, power, water, sewage and can welcome some parks and university modules Park Bench - xoxide - 15/04/2014 - Allows building benches alongside roads, they act like little parks RegionFreeRoad - SSign - 09/04/2014 - Adds several new road types to the road menu
SimCity Power Overhaul - parkerwyoung - 27/03/2014 - Balances water needs, pollution and garbage production, ressource consomption and power generation of power plants, more modules for each power plant SimCity Casino Overhaul - parkerwyoung - 14/04/2014 - maximum number of modules significantly increased for all casinos, balance in casino costs, plopable region from main building increased Service Pack - HyugaHinata - 17/04/2014 - Description lacks precision so I don't know exactly what it does, concerns police preccint and hospital EasyMoney - HyugaHinata - 09/04/2014 - Description lacks precision, seems to increased significantly paid taxes WaterTower - HyugaHinata - 07/04/2014 - Water towers and water pumps are free, free as birds Mr. Lowe's Simcity 2013 Mods - stevelowe - 31/03/2014 - A lot and a lot of small tweaking, mines, trade buildings, garbage buildings, watesewage buildings, refining buildings, airport, ground scrubber, academy, education buildings, scrubber crowns, omega! Also some RCI modifications that can be excluded if you want to keep the original RCI SimCity Revision (still version 0.4) - MaebeKnot - 22/03/2014 - A lot of things here too, augmented car speed and acceleration, garbage buildings tweaking, more modules on shuttle bus depot, university, watesewage plants, trade port/depot, lots of maintenance costs reduced
More Landmarks for Your City Mod - CapTon - 08/04/2014 - More than 3 landmarks, only in sandbox mode

Please let me know if you see any mistake or missing information!

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How to go about achieving the Sim City 5 look in Unity?

Hi I was wondering how to go about achieving the Sim City 5 look in Unity. I can't figure out how to describe the look and I dont know how to achieve it. Any thoughts or resources about it please share.
Some Sim City screen shots for reference :
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Las Vegas Update Video

My apologies if this video has already been linked, but I didn't see it. Gives a good look and feel of the 2 new Casino items. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OArhSFv4Jjg Note: This is not the Seasons prizes, but just a Casinos update. Casino City Sign - 350 SimCash. Casino City Park - 18k Simoleans.
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Join the International Simulation Football League

Have you ever wanted to live the life of a professional football player? Now is your chance! Come create your own football superstar in the International Simulation Football League. In the league, you control only one player. You create your player based on certain archetypes like Speed Rushing Linebacker, Receiving Running Back or Man to Man Corner, and can put points into various attributes to improve your player at creation and over the course of your career. We have a Rookie Mentor Team, a group of people dedicated to helping you create a player and potentially become the next super star of our league! This is a very exciting time to join the ISFL, as we will be changing sim engines from Draft Day Pro Sports: Football 16 to the brand new 2021 version!
After player creation you will work on improving your player and be drafted to a team in our Development League. You will spend a season on this team along with players made by other people learning the ins and outs of the league, and spending time together in the team’s virtual locker room on discord. After one season you will then be drafted by one of 14 Pro Teams!
Now you may be asking, how does my player get better? Mainly through activity! You earn points by completing various tasks like a weekly activity check, season and game predictions, and weekly training. There are also other fun tasks to earn training points like fantasy football, and fun ways to earn money for your player like betting in the casino and buying team stocks! You will be able to spend your earned points as you want to improve your player, as well as money for equipment and training, so that one day they'll have the chance to end up in the league's Hall of Fame! All the games are streamed live on Youtube, so you will get a chance to watch your player. During the season we have games streaming each day, Monday through Friday.
This league is completely free and run by volunteers! We are a fun community of over 300 users controlling players in the league, which means we have tons of football fans. We have plenty of spots open for rookies! We are in the last week of our 26th season. The Wild Card Playoffs are tonight and Ultimus (the league’s Super Bowl) is this Sunday, so head over to our Youtube and see what teams come out on top this year! The off-season will then begin with all new players being drafted into the Developmental League on January 20th. That is two weeks for you to prove to Teams that you deserve being drafted 1st overall. This is a perfect time to join! Come check us out and create your own Hall of Fame player!
Our discord link https://discord.gg/U6fKer9
Our site link https://forums.sim-football.com/
Our rookie guide link https://forums.sim-football.com/showthread.php?tid=6235
Our rookie discord link https://discord.gg/j8B9Jjz
If you have any questions - please feel free to ask!
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Such an amazing place (here on extended visit)

So not sure if this is too off topic or anything, however as someone that grew up with military parents, we moved around a lot. I can't say I'm some expert or anything but just want to say up there seems like a paradise compared to where I currently live.
I was so amazed at how easy it was to access pretty much anything. Where I currently live, I have to almost plan around traffic as it can easily add 20+ minutes to a simple errand or walmart trip.
You literally had these random casinos as if someone was playing sim city and put them down cause they thought they would be fun.
Downtown was great (talking from last visit), so many food options and just overall, everything is just so damn close.
I really want to move there but deciding between there or Texas for the time being. Texas is closer to family but sadly haven't found anywhere quite as nice as Davenport, imo.
I didn't get to do much tourism stuff because 1) the snow and 2) the covid and 3) host said there wasn't much.. but all the stuff I mentioned above really does it for me.
It feels like you can actually take a breath or do simple errands without fighting tooth and nail.
Friend I was visiting works at a local company making $17 an hour. $17 an hour where I currently live is peanuts compared to cost of living. So I don't know how the wage situation is as honestly I didn't get the full picture.
Now, I know this sounds a bit echo chambery and I realize every place has their faults (for those that aren't fond of their current place like me ;) ) but damn I envy those that get to live here (assuming comparable living conditions). I know some people a place like this is "boring" but trust me, from my perspective yea living in a "fun city" is great until you try to live a normal life and run normal errands or try to live on a normal salary. I would trade with anyone wanting to live near a big city in a heartbeat, lol
I dunno, was so impressed I wanted to let you guys know!
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[PLAY] Rather than making a NGD photo post, I decided to write and record a song with my new Epiphone Casino that I got for Xmas!

I got this new (to me) Epiphone Casino for Christmas this year and I love it! I’m a big fan of the Beatles and I love the sunburst look of these. I added the bigsby vibrato. Rather than just posting some photos like usual, I decided this time to use it to record a new song and make a video of me playing it. I really like the sound of the P90’s and it’s a lot of fun to play.
Sometimes getting a new guitar is really inspiring for the songwriting process. Different sounding guitars can push you in a different direction creatively, and you can get some great sounds by experimenting.
Other gear I used:
Gibson Les Paul Trad Plus
Rickenbacker 4003s
Logic Pro X
Guitar Rig 5 amp sims
Rode NT1A
Thanks for watching!
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La cosa più stupida che avete fatto in un videogioco

Come da titolo, qual è la cosa più stupida o inutile che avete fatto giocando a un videogioco?

Gothic: Mi ritrovai a terra agonizzante dopo i primi 10 minuti di gioco per aver spawnato un troll alto due metri coi trucchi.
Gothic 2: Me ne andai a zonzo per la palude della Valle delle Miniere ritrovandomi davanti un drago.
Ratchet & Clank: Lasciai giocare mia cugina più piccola, che 5 minuti dopo sovrascrisse con una nuova partita il mio salvataggio storicoin cui avevo finito il gioco al 100% non so quante volte. Parlando di cose inutili, invece, vestivo Ratchet con grindscarponi e elmetto da pilota.
Street Fighter II: Io e mia sorella scoprimmo che, entrando col secondo giocatore in modalità arcade, selezionando il personaggio contro cui si stava combattendo e sconfiggendolo, si avanzava alla battaglia successiva con estrema faciltà. Ripetendo l'operazione con tutti gli avversari, dopo svariati perfect e super, mi ritrovai davanti, al posto di M. Bison, Akuma, che mi piallò in pochi secondi.
Winning Eleven 6: Iniziai il mio primo campionato. Alla prima partita tentai di segnare alla mia stessa porta pensando fosse dell'avversario. Giustamente il giocatore non tirava in porta, ma all'indietro, così mi avvicinai alla porta, feci un passaggio al suo interno e solo lì mi accorsi che era la mia. Così è finita la mia (brevissima) esperienza coi videogiochi di calcio.
Sacred: Mi avventurai fuori dal sentiero e mi ritrovai in poco tempo circondato da vari nemici e un ragno gigante. Ed ero all'inizio del gioco.
The Sims 2: Dopo aver scoperto l'esistenza del trucco di debugging, passai un paio d'ore a testarlo, schiacciando a caso le varie voci del menù. Creai talmente tanto casino che il gioco mi si corruppe e nei giorni successivi il gioco, succedevano cose strambe, tipo Sims appena creati che morivano o auto condivise che passavano alle 3 del mattino.
Tocca a voi!
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Saints Row The Third: Remastered - Nostalgia Sexily Reinvigorated

Remasters in 2020 continue to be a popular theme, as newer IPs have been baking in the oven waiting for the right moment to be served on the next-generation of gaming platforms, it’s never a bad time to revisit some of gaming's biggest hitters.
The Saints Row franchise has experienced an interesting journey, what started out or was seen as a bastardized GTA clone back in 2006 has survived the scrutiny thanks to its bona fide atmosphere that combined exaggerated gangster tropes with true crime motifs that resonated surprisingly well with fans of the genre. Volition embraced feedback from its community to develop on the wackier aspects of the first game to implement through its game-mechanics in its second release just 2 years later.
What happened with Saints Row that other GTA clones failed to do was that it became self-aware of its over the top nature and capitalized on it. Seeing as most action-adventure games that fall in the spectrum of crime often tend to fall in the same grim and dreary undertones to the point where the storytelling and characters become comically predictable or the mechanics feel lacklustre. These pitfalls are masterfully avoided, if not, taken to zany creative heights in the worlds of Stilwater and Steelport. I could go on about Volition’s previous installments but it would detract from Saints Row: The Third, Remastered.
Right off the (dildo) bat, graphics have rejuvenated this game to a whole new level; breathing new life into its characters, cut-scenes and decadent world. It’s clear that with the remaster, Volition/Sperasoft have proven they are up to date with modern standards of visual fidelity. If you own a high-end console or a PC, 4K and HDR support for this game are available.
Regardless, the textures are sharp, detail oozes right down to the very skin pores, the overhauled game engine sells itself beautifully and does a great job at making the world of Saints Row even more believable as crazy as it sounds. Just watching a before vs now video says it all really. Of course it's still far from Rockstar Advanced Game Engine levels of immersion, it’s still a step up in its own right.
The new lighting model is excellent, although RTX is not yet available, it still renders its environments to a level of stunning and detail that brings out every world element in true 4k fashion. Even though it's a remaster and not a remake, I can’t help but feel a little ticked off that Sperasoft haven’t found a way to fix the day/night cycle that the game clearly needs and not the random preloaded time of day antics. Come on, it’s 2020 and you still haven’t figured it out?
Every character gets a very well done remodeling that borders on uncanny valley in spite of its more cartoonish origins. My only gripes with the character models are the lack of effort that went into the lip-syncing, this undermines the realistic approach it’s trying to sell; in certain cut-scenes it felt like I was staring at high-tech androids with the oral articulation of an animatronic mouth servo. It doesn’t ruin the experience but again, if you’re going for that uncanny valley feel, investing in better animations can go a long way.
Steelport, even it being a fictional world, feels very believable. Each “district” of the island city has a distinguishable urban mood. Carver island in the southwest feels oppressively industrial with its smoking chimneys. The postmodern architecture of downtown Steelport and its towering Skyscrapers of steel and glass make for pleasurable obstacles to perform feats of aeronautic exploits on. The suburban neighborhoods of Stanfield in the northwest and New Colvin in the east are reminiscent of Manhattan’s Chelsea borough district style of public housing and Detroit's urban decay. This brings me to my next point; I couldn’t help but wonder if Steelport was on the verge of bankruptcy or if its mayor just hates public transport? Seriously it has an airport and metro system but they are both defunct, not a sign of life. I understand this comes down to Volition being a MUCH smaller company than Rockstar so resources were a lot limited and crime being so overtly rampant, perhaps could be written off as Steelport being a discouraged tourist location?
I digress but the world feels more dystopic and is reinforced by that with its updated visuals that really liven up its decade old environments. The “cribs” give a lot for the eye to look at, it's packed with props that give credibility to the world and really convey the lived-in vibes of a world famous but dysfunctional criminal organization. The rifles and rocket launchers casually lying around Shaundi's Ex’s apartment feel more plentiful, the eccentric art deco of Zimos’ pad, the shiny floors and gaudy fixtures of the Saints HQ, the decrepit surroundings of a once booming casino at Angels Gym, Kinzie's secret hacker warehouse are all given the special remastered treatment and feel very distinct from on another and make them worth dropping by in every now and then if you’re in their respective neighborhoods.
The audio and music are cleaned up but still use the old sound files. Still though, it felt good driving over to Planet Saints singing along to Sublimes “What I got” with Pierce, the nostalgia my inner child was feeling certainly didn’t die off. The “Party Time” mission when you jump out of a helicopter to Kanye’s “Power” to crash a rooftop pool party somehow feels more electric. Flying a STAG VTOL on your way to wreak havoc across the city felt even more epic than the first time I played it, and I must have finished SR3 like well over 6 times at this point. Nevertheless, the entire narrative story is blockbuster material that only occasionally takes itself seriously, the main characters are well written and expertly voiced by a robust cast (Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, Daniel Dae Kim, Hulk Hogan, Sasha Grey, Burt Reynolds, Danielle Nicolet, Arif S Kinchen to name a few).
If you’ve never played a Saints Row game, Saints Row 3 is a great way to get acquainted as it is perhaps the latest of the series to have kept its head on its shoulders as far as the meta goes. What happens after the third game is hit-or-miss. Do not go into this game expecting a GTA immersive sim experience or you will be disappointed. SR’s core strengths lie within its addictive, offbeat gameplay loop and insanely rigorous customization schemes. All this is now amplified with its updated visuals and DLC that come included in the remastered version.

EDIT: Good to read up on other Saints fans opinions out there! It's nice to know that this game still has a loyal base despite R*'s big shadow.
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Need to get this off my chest...

Today I played through every ending... I usually don't play single player rpgs due to the lack of feeling from characters (obviously they are AI) This was the first that I've ever invested into. Usually I get in, rush the story skipping any dialog, cutting any corner. But this game the characters and the subtle change in them with minor decisions pulled me in.
My first play through I sped through just to see if it was my kind of game. Especially with all the hate surrounding performance, bugs, etc. These aren't a big deal for me in a single player game if I enjoy it. Needless to say I ended up loving it. So much so I stuck through every piece of dialog, all of the information, reading all of the shards, etc. But then the ending nation attacked, and V disappeared when they needed him most. 😔
The 'best' ending is obviously the happiest you can get. Even though you will die, at least you get to die with the people you care about. I say "will die" because after the Arisaka ending, its clear that not even the source of the problem can stop said problem. Further more not even a "God" withing the ultimate source of the problem (alt) can help you. Basically nobody with the know all both internally and externally can stop it. But at least you do get to die with the people you love, which is a big gripe with the other endings.
Every other ending where you fight and "succeed" you get out and live 6 months but you end up alone. Yes you can tie this to "well greedy choice = greedy outcome" When in all actuality the greedy thing is to bring them in to die if you don't necessarily have to. Both the solo ending and Rogue/Johnny ending have the same "good" outcome- Dying suddenly, alone, in space like a legend.😶 These endings would be AMAZING if you could
A) End up with the Panam and the nomads like the nomad ending
B) Pulled the Arisaka earth ending and just cut to black
Either would be better than emphasizing the fact that you end up dying alone, no decision you make swayed this. It simply is because.?
I have seen posts suggesting that the V you control is completely different from the V before and after the chip. Suggesting that the player is just the angel to Johnny's devil. Essentially Trivializing any decision you make.
Don't get me wrong this is a good explanation BUT it still feels rushed and misused. This type of thing is usually used in SIMS, where the player controls the world around the character. This works in SIMS because you are god basically, you set so they perform. RPGs to fully invest have to be more hands on, so the player can connect and feel what they do matters, and time is not/will not be wasted.
This is why the Casino ending is by far the worst. Went out with a unsatisfying death before you can even experience a mission in space, maybe even hitting the Arisakas lab. This ending closes your story for you. The others at least leave it up in the air.
The Arisaka ending may leave a bad taste but at least the future is left open for your imagination and DLC. I will say as far as saddest ending? Choosing to sign the contract and seeing how alone V was, it's a great way to end it if you want to go balls deep on "lol let's punish the player for choosing this ending." It played its part insanely well. BUT at the same time working with Arisaka is the only realistic solution, if they had help from Alt. 😉
Giving Johnny your body is surprisingly the 'best' ending (Only topped by the Nomad ending). You go out by a selfless act, you choose your friends life over yours. It's rewarding, and makes sense (unless you ask the Nomads for help). This ending is the best for the rogue ending and solo (because of the shit other option- V goes out a legend this way).
This is the perfect example of why I say its either lazy or rushed writing at this point. Duplicate endings, endings that could flourish with just a few extra scenes (Johnny showing nomads appreciation for saving him and V). The endings lack reason, consistency, and follow through. If you choose to give the body to V in the rogue ending why does he just step in to replace her, not even a scene like Johnnys where he goes to the graves. Again this ties back to it being implied that V isn't V until after the chips out. In that case why does he go from an exiled nomad that has at best only moved illegal cargo, a low level street thug, or a corporats assistant to a high ranking merc?
That is why my conclusion is that kermit slipnslide is the Canon ending. Thats what I felt like after playing every ending and seeing how much my choices mattered.
PepeLaugh I didn't have the vital information PepeLaugh
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Best modlist?

So I just downloaded this SimCity (2013) with all the expansions. I'm enjoying it so far but feel like a lot can be improved upon (and probably already has) through mods.
I started to google some mods and watched a few videos but there's so many different mods and it seems some conflict with each other and many have various requirements.
Basically what I'm looking for is something that helps me to simplify gridding out my city. I get really frustrated trying to guesstimate the size of a city block that'll fit several residential or commercial buildings together without leaving a ton of empty space in the middle. While the curved roads and all that is really cool, one of my biggest pet peeves is having everything not fit neatly together.
I also encountered some buildings with extra add on parts and they don't all connect??? (It was the casino HQ) that legit made me wanna scream.
So maybe some mods that just simplify the building aspect and make everything fit together better without a ton of weird empty spaces would be nice.
I also saw a mod that allows elevated roads but it conflicts/isn't supported with another mod I was looking at and I'm wondering if that one is worth getting. A video I watched showed someone using it and they had to do some interesting tricks to make the roads elevate.
Anyhow, I would love to see all your modlists and suggestions. Thank you!
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Comprehensive list of Bengals debacles

Hey all, I'm trying to compile a list of all of the debacles in Bengals history. In no particular order, this is what I have come up with. Let me know if there are any that I have missed. Pain.
Joe Burrow injury
Carson Palmer injury
Carson Palmer “retirement”
Whitworth and Zeitler walk
Jones and Sanu walk
Pac-Man casino fights
Vontaze Burfict’s career
Sam Wyche resigned, but not really
2000’s arrests
Justin Smith walks
Takeo Spikes walks
Halloween 2013
Corey Dillon tosses his pads
Drafting Big Daddy
Ki-Jana Carter injury
Drafting Akili Smith
Tim Krumrie injury
Stanley Wilson goes on a bender
Greg Cook injury
AJ McCarron and the Browns fax machine
Bruce Coslet mid-season resignation
Dave Shula
2010 free agency
Welcome stadium destroys AJ Green’s ankle
Cedric Ogbuehi and Jake Fisher
Ken Zampese’s high powered offense
Marv takes over the play-calling after he fires Teryl Austin
Jermaine Gresham gets cyber bullied
Pat Sims jumps on no-brainer freeze
Not promoting Bill Walsh
Paul Brown Stadium deal
Andy Dalton playoff games
Andy Dalton meltdown on prime time against the Browns
David Pollack breaking his neck
Drafting David Klingler
Jerome Simpson caught with 8.5lbs of his "girlfriend's weed"
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Don't Waste Your Money On Cyberpunk

iI was so looking forward to this game, like a kid waiting for Santa Clause, so not a kid anymore. Witcher 3 Enhanced is in my top 3 RPGs, I really wanted this to be huge success, and for the gaming company- PR, to win lots of awards again but wow - how did it take ten years to release this? A metarific score of 9.0? I guess reviewers are bought and paid for these days.
Even now, with more and more critiques speaking up and getting louder and louder, said reviewers toss all the problems in the old gen tech bucket. That's crack level nutso. There are very real problems with this game on a multitude of levels that have nothing to do with how good your rig is:
Hope on over the Cyberpunks reddit where people are finally speaking up, and doing a great job of documenting, in great detail, the many broken aspects of the game. I documented maybe 10% of the issues Ive had playing the game.
I feel like I just got ripped off by a gaming company (CPR) that I passionately believed in, and the reviewers are a part of the con, which is just sad. Patches can fix some of the tech bugs I note, which should happen like yesterday, but the deeper mechanics cannot be fixed with a patch.
I have nothing against those that are ignoring all these very real issues, but this is like an Alpha, not even a Beta version of this poorly executed, mindless game as it stands today. If they own these issues, find a way to somehow fix them, then I'll be the first in line to cheer them on. As already noted, I truly wanted this to be successful, for them and me, but ugh- its like the horrid first few years of SWTOR which I was in both the Alpha and Beta.
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Unable to make money

Unable to make money
I'm not new to simulation/management games, but I seem to be missing something fundamental about SimCasino. No matter what I do, I cannot make any money, or at least enough to be able to expand.
I've tried starting with £350k, £500k, building just slot machines, building slots and tables, adding a bar, adding more seating, adding decorations, researching for bigger advantage, cheap marketing, expensive marketing... nothing seems to work.
I've had my casino almost empty for days and my money has barely changed. I've had my casino absolutely packed to the rafters for days and my money has barely changed.
Under the Finance Hub my daily gambling is always at a net loss, despite the individual income figures massively exceeding the expense figures (like below).

This should give a net profit of £29,651, not a loss of £86. I understand that the money in the slot machines isn't banked immediately, it's collected when they reach 50% and moved the the vault (and distributed elsewhere in the casino) and then if the vault goes over the limit I set (£20k) it will be banked every day at midnight. But even if I leave the game running for hours and come back, my bank balance has barely changed.
So any ideas? How do you actually make money in this game?
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The Battle Plan (Woodchipper Edition)

Hey you!
Yes you!
Where all the videos at?
Well, it's been an intriguing few weeks here in the Failuredrome as I found myself in a slightly odd position of not having more than one game on my menu - that game being the Transport Fever.
The short series' on Mars Horizons and SimCasino were plenty of fun but were always intended to be quick blasts rather than anything more lengthy. I've since gone looking for further quick blasts but come up empty.
This has either been because I knew the games wouldn't evade the woodchipper, or because I'd tread the ground before in other games (played one startup company game that has a strong tick-based mechanic, played them all).
So, I slung up some Rimworld, thinking that because it suited my own brand of organic incompetence well it'd fill the gap nicely until the Next Grand Endeavour.
And yet, not so much. In addition, the less said about Sunday's Sports Slot the better. Hope you enjoyed the football episode, cos it turns out that was a one and done.
Yes... sorry. Here, our story takes a minor turn in the direction of YouTube theory. If it's dull, skip forward to the part where I talk about trains.
Okay, some basic YouTube theory, or rather, how to build a growing YouTube channel.
So, record a video. Ideally one that's quite good. Plunk it up on the YouTube and you get a few views. More views are better, but any views at all help.
Now record the next video. Again, get to plunking. Now here comes the interesting part - try to make it get more views than the previous one. Yes, "well duh!" but also because the way the algorithm generates traffic for you is based on each individual video. The level to which that video is recommended to viewers is dictated by the performance of recent videos. Build a smash hit then a dud, and the dud acts as a drag on the channel.
So, you don't want duds. Got it. Rather, to maximise your growth you want each subsequent video to hit harder than the one previous.
The easiest way to do that is to ensure that as many people as possible who watched your previous escapade watch the next one too. You'd think series would help with that. They don't. They actually hold you back, as each subsequent episode is likely to perform slightly worse than the previous one. There's also a minor factor of new people being reluctant to get involved at episode 14 than they are at episode 1.
This is retreading old ground, let's move on.
I use the woodchipper as a benchmark for "dud or stud" and it's served me very nicely thankyouverymuch. But I've also self-sabotaged along the way by indulging in long series that act as a drag on overall performance - baseball being chief among these. It's a series that served my commentary style nicely, but didn't fit with the taste in topic for many of my existing subscribers. This is key - if my video matches the taste of a subscriber (and they're more likely to get a recommendation) it's more likely to do well.
Again, the old ground of staying on topic.
To that end, I'm going to stop self-sabotaging for a while and see what happens. This will mean that my channel covers the following:
- games with trains (TRAINS PEOPLE START HERE)
- town/city builders
- daft simulators
That's it. That's the limit.
I'm not going to do massive long series very often, but I'm not killing them off either. Series will continue when I feel like I still have stories to tell. What will happen however is more one-and-done episodes (probably on a fixed day each week) and I felt that the 3-6 part short-run approach was working out quite nicely.
There will be more trains. I haven't done enough with trains lately, and that's fine, but let's give the trains people what trains people want: trains.
It'll take a little while to get all this moving the right way, but here's what's coming up this week.

Rimworld will be picked up after I'm done with my festive nonsense (horse racing next!) when it'll be the Saturday night stream. Sorry Bannerlord friends, after a couple of parts in the 3rd outing I got the strong impression that I wasn't doing anything new. It's still a whole lot of fun to play but, been there, seen it, done it.
If you want to verify anything I've claimed above, click the "videos" option on my channel homepage and look at the numbers for yourself.
It's all good. I might just go and have a long think about starting a standalone sports channel...
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#01 Sims Mittwoch --Nackig auf einer unbekannten Insel ... How I played The Sims 2 when I was a kid... HOW I GOT THIS SIMS 2 TO WORK FINALLY! 🙏 WINDOWS 10 - YouTube DIE SIMS 2 Folge #01 [Alle AddOns - Deutsch - HD] Unser Ap ... Warum DIE SIMS 2 das BESTE Spiel aller Zeiten ist ... Die Sims 2 Gute Reise - Trailer // Deutsch Patate Boss, Ginasse - Casino 421, Sims 2 DS music ...

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#01 Sims Mittwoch --Nackig auf einer unbekannten Insel ...

DESHALB ist Die Sims 2 das beste Sims-Spiel aller Zeiten. Es ist besser als Die Sims 3 und Die Sims 4 zusammen. Seht hier die besten Sachen aus Die Sims 2 in... The Sims 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff Official Trailer - Duration: 1:24. The Sims 1,003,105 views. 1:24. Die Sims 2 Vier Jahreszeiten - Trailer // Deutsch - Duration: 3:44. ... Since its The Sims 20th Anniversary I thought why not finally head back into the Sims 2 and play it how I used to when I was a kid. 2020 Nicole playing how 2... Let´s Play DIE SIMS 2 GESTRANDET - Playstation 2 - Deutsch Da genießt man einmal sein Leben und *ZACK*... landen wir nackig auf einer einsamen Insel und Fetz... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... ALLE INFOS IN DER BESCHREIBUNG http://playlikeasim.tumblr.comDie Sims 2 - der Spielekracher vieler Teenager- und Kinderjahre. Von Anfang an mit dabei, das ... I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR 1 YEAR TO FIX THE SIMS 2, FINALLY, TODAY IS THAT DAY. ⚡️ JOIN THE FAMILY: https://bit.ly/2IvsAbs This quick tutorial SHOULD fix all o...