Deerfoot Inn & Casino in Calgary –

Philly Dunk car show at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino today

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Gamehost (TSX: GH)

I wanted to share with the group some due diligence and speculation I have done around Gamehost (TSX: GH). I want to start by saying that this is not a situation where you urgently need to buy this right now and ride up a wave, there will be no rocket ships on this post and I strongly encourage you to perform your own due diligence and see if you want to buy this stock. This is an extremely low volume stock and if you rush to buy it, the price will go up far past the supply of sellers. I do not intend to pump this but only to get critique.
Gamehost is an owner and operator of 3 casinos located in Alberta, 2 hotels in Grande Prairie and a retail store rented to a liquor store near one of the casinos. The 3 casinos are: Boomtown Casino in Fort McMurray, The Great Northern Casino in Grande Prairie and the Deerfoot Inn and Casino in Calgary which they own 91% of currently.
As you probably guessed by these locations, the casinos are cyclical and make a lot of money when oil prices are up and go through downturns when prices are low and projects stop. All 3 casinos are not destination type casinos like you would find in Las Vegas where people come from all around to visit, but are very reliant on their local communities. The Boomtown Casino is the only casino in Fort McMurray and the Great Northern Casino is the only proper casino in Grande Prairie with a much smaller limited one in town. The Deerfoot Inn and Casino is 1 of 7 (yes, 7!) casinos in the Calgary area. It primarily focuses on the Southeastern portion of the city and the surrounding suburbs and still serves a market of about 200,000 people in just that area. All 3 casinos are also very focused on live events and have become gathering points for live events and nights out for their communities.
Although all 3 casinos have been affected by oil downturns all 3 communities they serve have much higher median income than the country as a whole. The casinos have remained profitable throughout the entirety of the oil downturn and despite a dividend cut in 2016 they have still paid a consistently strong dividend until the COVID-19 pandemic (more on this later). Grande Prairie’s economy is more focused on natural gas extraction which has been consistently profitable. Calgary as a major city does have a diversified economy as well which leaves just Fort McMurray to be the lone straggler in dealing with oil prices. No new casinos have been built in Alberta since 2006, which has left people still coming to the doors of the casinos regardless of the economy. All three cities have seen consistent population growth greater than 10% from 2016 according to Statistics Canada’s estimates which is far greater than the national average. People are still coming to these cities and are still making a fairly high wage compared to the average Canadian.
The second thing that has likely come to your mind is why casinos when they have been shut down during the pandemic? As the vaccine is currently being implemented the orders will not last forever. When the casinos have been opened even with reduced services, they have remained profitable and the management has responded by using the pandemic as an opportunity. They have been consistently buying back thousands of shares every day and cancelling them. If you look at their SEDAR profile you can see that they have not missed a single day to cancel at least 2,000 shares per day. Since the company had 24.5 million shares issued, they have bought back about 1-2% of the float so far which has made the stock even harder to buy on the open markets due to the lack of volume. They have also been approved to expand the operations of the Deerfoot Inn and Casino which should be completed by the summer. The insiders have followed by accumulating many shares in their personal accounts over this period of weakness.
In the third quarter of 2020 the company posted EPS of 12 cents per share down from 16 cents a year ago. Revenue was down to $4.9 million from $6.7 million. This is with severe restrictions and limitations on the amount of people that can come in the casino and what they can do. All live events were cancelled, table games were restricted and yet the company was still making enough money to buy back significant shares and improve their existing assets. The management has essentially channelled the dividend into making the number of shares decrease in a time of strong price weakness.
There is interest in this space since the largest casino operator in the country Great Canadian Gaming was acquired recently for almost double what they were trading for in the spring. Private equity firms have been looking into casinos as a post-recovery play. Unlike companies in airlines or movie theatres, these do not have significant issues staying profitable during intense downturns, they only become less profitable with a sudden surge afterwards.
I am speculatively buying this stock on the idea that as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually lifted there will be an awkward window where people will be back almost to normal within Canada and will have a strong urge to go out and do activities that they have been restricted from doing for months. At the same time they will be unable to travel internationally due to different countries having different vaccination schedules, planes still operating at reduced capacity with many airlines being in trouble and governments being reluctant to remove limitations abroad. This will significantly bring business to casinos and other live event focused businesses within Canada. I anticipate that in the 12 months past restrictions being lifted that the business will see a significant bump in EPS. They will reinstate the dividend and the share price will grow significantly. My personal price target is $12 per share but I could see it being anywhere from $10-$15 per share. This is without oil prices budging at all.
In the long-term the price will be cyclical based on oil prices unless they start diversifying geographically. It is extremely difficult to get a licence to open a casino, which leaves the company with the only option of acquiring other casinos. This is a possibility down the road but something I will look more into once I see a significant bump in EPS due to increased demand.
I do believe that in the current market with the price having barely recovered from the March lows, that the stock is a very good contrarian play in the 12-24 month range. Holding after that could potentially be risky depending on your own views on how the oil industry will play out and if the management has what it takes to diversify. Online gambling is an even longer term threat but since these casinos are focused on live events and have become a staple of the communities that they are in, this is not likely to be a threat for some significant time.
Please let me know what you think, feel free to criticize. If you guys like my analysis I could do more on other small or mid cap companies. There have been a few I have kicked myself over missing.
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SHOUT OUT for the best bus driver....

Was at Deerfoot Inn and Casino last night and was having a smoke. I noticed the man who drives this bus was so gentle and caring for his passengers, helped in every way possible. Sir, I don’t know your name but I took a picture of your bus. Angel without wings. Keep up the great work, your caring and gentle nature restored a bit of faith in humanity for me.
Bus no: 7948 ID: City of Calgary Transit Access
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Rules in Calgary, Canada?

I'm traveling to Calgary soon and am wondering about the blackjack conditions there. Would appreciate any insight into rules/pen/heat for Elbow River, Grey Eagle, Pure, Cowboys, Deerfoot Inn, Century or Cash casinos. Thanks in advance - please feel free to PM as well!
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Smash Mouth playing Calgary on February 18th.
Smash Mouth is playing the Deerfoot Inn Casino on Saturday, February 18th, 2017. Me and my friends plan on dressing up like Shrek characters. I just really want to get my game on and go play.
Unless they can't even sellout the front row. Then they'll probably cancel.
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Weekly "What to do in Calgary Thread" for Oct. 6th to Oct. 12th.

Hello /Calgary, we are changing things up a bit here. I have been appointed to create a "Weekly to do list" for our city. Feel free to continue to PM the mods for future events and we will continue to update the wiki and sidebar as I do use those to help contribute to this list as well. Well here it is /Calgary, please help contribute too!
Need some ideas on what to do this week in or around Calgary? Do you know of a special community event that you would like to share with others? Please post any event you know about in this city that I may have missed or not known about here in Calgary or surrounding area. If you have any questions like what to expect at certain events or any other related questions feel free to ask here and hopefully someone who is familiar with the area will be able to help.
Music & Shows
Oct. 6 - Grieves and Sol at Republik tonight too! $15 - Praetor192
Oct. 7 - Boz Scaggs, The Memphis Tour, an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, will be at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Tickets from $68.15 - $81.90
Oct 8 - 10 at 10 at Commonwealth Bar. Ten local acts preforming, starting at 10pm. First 100 are free and then after that it's $10 cover (confirmed) - ph4ra0h
Oct. 9 - Constantines with LadyHawk will be at Commonwealth Bar. $20 plus fees. - Thanks to furtive
Oct. 9 - Gob and guests, a Canadian punk band, will be at Dickens Pub. $20 tickets, or $25 with their new album.
Oct. 10 - Ryan Adams, an American singer-songwriter, musician and producer, will be at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. $59.50, $45.00, $35.00 plus fees
Oct. 10 - Bombay Bicycle Club, an English indie rock band, will be at MacEwan Hall on the UofC Campus. $28-$30 for the night.
Oct. 10 - Death Toll Rising at TEN Nightclub on Friday. Metal bands on a PK Sound system. should be good - dsquareddan
Oct. 10 & 11 - Dr Hook feat. Ray Sawyer - FAREWELL TOUR, a classic American rock band, will be at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. $39.00 or $59.00 for the first 10 rows.
Oct. 11 - Eluveite, a Swiss folk metal band, will be at Mac Hall on the UofC's campus. $25-30
Oct. 11 - Safe in Sound, an EDM festival at the BMO Centre on Stampede Grounds. Tickets starting at $72.70
(I'm only going to do home games here, too much work to add all the games.)
Oct. 8 - Canucks Vs Flames. First game of the regular season, and it's a home game. Game starts at 8PM.
Oct. 10 - Victoria Royals Vs Calgary Hitmen. Puck drops at 7PM
Oct. 12 - Brandon Wheat Kings Vs Calgary Hitmen. Puck drops at 4PM for an early afternoon Sunday Special.
Oct. 8 - []() Wake up early on Wednesday to watch the moon disappear in a total eclipse. This is something I recommended you do if you can. It's not something that occurs every day. It lasts from approximately 4:30 AM to 5:30 AM. Where is the best place to watch it in or around the city? - Thanks to Hypno-phile
Oct. 10 & 11 - Scream Fest! at Stampede Grounds. According to the webpage this is an adult focused Halloween festival, but is rated PG13. Scream Fest has always been a good time in the past, I recommend this. $25 at the door, and open every Friday and Saturday night until Nov. 1st! - Thanks to frankycrankie
Oct. 11 - Eleven @ 11. From 11AM-3PM there will be a Skate Event taking place at the Woodbine Skate Park, right next to the 7-11 (460 Woodbine BLVD) - gmac13
Feel free to comment with any events you know of that I may have missed or you want people to know about. Let us know what you are going to be up to, maybe going to Prince's Island Park for one of the last few warm weekends this weekend, or maybe Cochrane is having a festival that I don't know about? Please help contribute to our new weekly list, or city has so much to offer that it can be difficult to find some nice events to go to without the help of some friends.
edit 1
I'm adding an event that we got PM'd about today that I missed adding to the sidebar that is happening right now at Kings Head Pub, YYC Rocks for the Calgary food bank. Check it out if you can!
edit 2
I'm going to clarify because we have received a few PM's now about events that are happening this week that were also posted in this thread as a comment. This is meant to be a community project, so please continue to post this weeks events that you know about, but if its during the week with the current thread then please just keep the event in the comments section of the thread. The reason is I don't plan on updating the sidebar with events within the posted week, but I do plan on updating the sidebar with future plans. Posting a comment here provides a section for discussion about that activity between interested members. So please continue to PM us with future events as I will continue to update the sidebar, but keep current events to this thread.
Thanks for all the appreciation!
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The Weekly "What to do in Calgary" Thread for Jan. 23rd - Feb. 1st

Ok /Calgary, here it is again! Let us know what you are going to be doing this week. Any special events, concerts, or anything at all that you want to add? Need a few guys for a rec hockey team or something? Feel free to post anything at all that you plan on doing. Also don't forget to go through the comments to see if there is anything you want to do that someone else suggests. Also lets not limit this to just Calgary, if you know of something going on in Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, or any surrounding area then let us know!
Jan. 23 - Feb. 1
Music & Shows
Jan. 23 - Silverstein (Sold Out) @ the Gateway Bar on SAIT Campus. $20 ADV ON CAMPUS/SLOTH / $22.50 TICKETMASTER / $30 DOORS
Jan. 24 - Buckcherry (Sold Out) @ the Deerfoot Inn & Casino.$49.00 for General Admission (Standing only) and $69.00 for for 10 rows (reserved).
Jan. 25 - Death From Above 1979 @ MacEwan Hall on the UofC's Campus. $37.50.
Jan. 26 - Cinemania - Big Hero 6 @ TES (That Empty Space) on the UofC campus. Free. Can someone elaborate on what this is? I couldn't find a whole lot of info on what TES is at the UofC and it wasn't there when I went to school there.
Jan. 29 - DJ Jazzy Jeff @ Marquee Beer Market & Stage. $20.
Jan. 30 - Candyland @ Marquee Beer Market & Stage for Electric Disco Fridays. $10.
Jan. 31 - Kenny Shields & Streetheart & Doug & The Slugs @ the Deerfoor Inn & Casino. Wristband 6.30pm - show @ 9pm $39.00 or $59.00 for the first 10 rows.
Jan. 23 - Swift Current Broncos Vs Calgary Hitmen @ the dome. $10-$30 (I think?). Hitmen is always good hockey.
Jan. 24 - Edmonton Rush Vs Calgary Roughnecks @ the dome. $25-$65. Your best bet for tickets is probably the Safeway Ticket vouchers which you get for 25$ and exchange for a ticket at the door. Can a mod editorialize things in this thread? Becuase I love lacrosse and I love the roughnecks. If you have never gone to a lacrosse game before this would be a great first time event for you. Plus it's a battle of Alberta, it's always a bonus when we are playing any game against Edmonton. I highly encourage everyone reading to go to the game tomorrow, I'll be there!
Jan. 25 - Vancouver Giants Vs Calgary Hitmen @ the dome. $10-$30. 3 games in 3 days, will be a hard one for the hitmen.
Jan. 27 - Buffalo Sabres Vs Calgary Flames @ the dome. Tickets prices more expensive than they should be :P.
Jan. 29 - Minnesota Wild Vs Calgary Flames @ the dome.
Jan. 30 - Prince Albert Raiders Vs Calgary Hitmen @ the dome. $10-$30.
Jan. 31 - Edmonton Oil Kings Vs Calgary Hitmen @ the dome. $10-$30.
Jan. 31 - Edmonton Oilers Vs Calgary Flames @ the dome. Another battle of Alberta. Should be fun.
Feb. 1 - WWE Road to WrestleMania @ the dome. WRESTLEMANIA BABY!
Jan. 29 - Feb. 1 - Calgary RV Expo & Sale @ the BMO Centre in Stampede Park. $15 - Adult, Senior (60+) - $11.00, Youth (13-17) - $7.00, Family - $35, Children 12 & under - Free.
Thanks and have a fun week /calgary. Go neck go! (I'm 100% unbiased)
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List of bars opening for the 5:00 Gold Medal Game on Sunday.

Thanks to Mike's Bloggity Blog and SupaDawg for adding tweets.
Add new ones in the comments as you get them or tweet them to me @CwayYYC.
Pub/Bar Open Time (AM) Contact # Note:
Tilted Kilt 4:45 403.245.5458
Rip's Pub 5:00 403.254.0424
Mug's Pub 5:00
Bootlegger's Bar 5:00 403.291.0507
Shillelagh's Pub 5:00 [NE] 403.285.1608 [SW] 403.255.4747
Toad N Turtle 5:00
Tipperary's 5:00 403.289.5566 Full - Thanks nintendosixtyfour
Point and Feather 5:00
National on 17th 4:30
Bottlescrew Bill's 5:00 403.264.6959
Three Crowns Pub 5:00
Dickens Pub 4:30 thanks smileystong
Pig and Duke 5:00
Hudsons 4:30 All YYC Locations - Downtown Walk-ins only - No reservations left
Ship & Anchor 4:45 Will be busy, not taking reservations
Upper Deck 5:00
Nicastro's Pub 5:00
Brasserie Kensington Full
World Bier Haus Full
Ceili's Pub 4:30 4th Ave, Southland, Royal Oak
Blind Monk 5:00
Cat N Fiddle 5:00
CRAFT Beer Market 5:00 SOLD OUT
Jamesons Pub 4:30 Full - thanks u/nintendosixtyfour
Garage Sports Bar 5:00 403.262.6762
Drum & Monkey 5:00
WURST 5:00 (?) Sold out - Thanks Contra_proferentem
Buffalo Wild Wings 4:45 Sunridge location
Kensington Pub 5:00 Full - thanks TswannM
Broken City 5:00
Donegal 4:30 No more reservations, limited standing room walk ins
Dixons 4:30
Kilkenny 4:30 Not taking reservations
Limericks 4:30
Seanache 4:30
St. James Corner 4:45 403.262.1157 Call for reservation
Original Joes Marda Loop 5:00 Not taking reservations
Shark Club Deerfoot Meadows 5:00 No booze until 8:00?!
Shanks North 5:00 Stole this one from Mike's Twitter
Local 510 5:00 Thanks electroleum for the tip
Bensonhurst Pizza 5:00
Bull & Finch Bridalwood 5:00
Molly Malone's 5:00
North Taphouse (Skyview Ranch) 5:00 403.516.3999 thanks booze_bossman
Morgan's Pub 4:30 Live music @ 9:00 - thanks chrissparx1
F.A.T.S 5:00
Flames Central 4:30 Might close soon after game due to concert installation
Weaselhead Pub 4:30 Thanks 28k_modem
Swan's (Inglewood) 5:00 Thanks EmbellishmentMan
Black Swan's Ale House 4:30 Thanks EmbellishmentMan
Cowboys Casino/Melrose 4:30 EmbellishmentMan again...
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Weekly What to do in Calgary Thread is here again! Oct. 20th - Oct. 26th

Ok /Calgary, here it is again! Let us know what you are going to be doing this week. Any special events, concerts, or anything at all that you want to add? Need a few guys for a rec hockey team or something? Feel free to post anything at all that you plan on doing. Also don't forget to go through the comments to see if there is anything you want to do that someone else suggests. Also lets not limit this to just Calgary, if you know of something going on in Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, or any surrounding area then let us know!
Oct. 20th - 26th
Music & Shows
Oct. 20 - Dierks Bentley @ the dome. GL getting last minute tickets for this one if you want to go, haha.
Oct. 20 - 25 - Pumphouse Theatre is performing Jack the Ripper Monster of Whitechapel ($25 general, $20 seniors) and Frost/Nixon ($24.15 general, $19.95 student)
Oct. 21 - Rural Alberta Advantage + guests @ Macewan Hall on UofC campus. - $20
Oct. 22 - Boreal Sons with be joined by guests, I Am The Mountain and Walden, for a night of beautiful music and philanthropy. All the profits from the concert will support sending teens to summer camp at Young Life Canada's property, RockRidge Canyon. - Tickets are $15 in advance through Eventbrite or $20 at the door.
Oct. 22 - Chromeo @ Flames Central - $40 on ticketmaster
Oct. 23 - Five Alarm Funk is playing at Dickens. - $14
Oct. 23 - Jeremy Fisher @ Gateway bar on SAIT campus. - $15 ADV on Campus or Sloth / $18.50 ADV Ticketmaster / $25
Oct. 23 - Miranda Sings with Colleen Ballinger @ Macewan Hall on UofC campus - Appears to be sold out, ask around if you want tickets.
Oct. 24 - Jim Jefferies at the Jack Singer Concert Hall. Says $42.50, but I have no idea about ticket availability.
Oct. 24 - 26 -Richards Scarry's Busytown the Musical from Storybook Theatre. One Act Musical - 55 minutes. Ages 3 & Up ($21 adult, $16 child)
Oct 24 - Wakcutt @ TEN Nightclub
Oct 24 & 25 - Cowtown Opera presents Cowtown Cabaret at Festival Hall in Inglewood. 7:30pm. $38 general, $20 students 2 short. Pocket operas "Wrecking Balls" and "The Bachelor", as well as dance, film noir, parkour, and more! Tickets here
Oct 25 - JPod + Wood n Soo @ TEN Nightclub
Oct. 25 - Heartland's Halloween Hootenanny, celebrate halloween with the cast of Heartland. All proceeds going toward Autism Calgary. @ at Hexter’s Rock ‘n Blues Lounge in Bowness. - $20
Oct. 25 - Shenandoah @ Deerfoot Inn & Casino. $39.00 or $ 59.00 for the first 10 rows
Oct. 26 - Boy and Bear @ Gateway bar on SAIT campus. - $20 ADV on Campus/Sloth/Ticketmaster or $25 Doors
Oct. 21 - Flames vs Lightning @ 7PM. Big home game streak coming up for the flames.
Oct. 23 - Flames vs Hurricanes @ 7PM.
Oct. 25 - Flames vs Capitals @ 8PM.
Oct. 26 - Hitmen vs Prince George Cougars @ 4PM for a Sunday afternoon game.
Oct. 24 & 25 - Scream Fest! at Stampede Grounds. According to the webpage this is an adult focused Halloween festival, but is rated PG13. Scream Fest has always been a good time in the past, I recommend this. $25 at the door, and open every Friday and Saturday night until Nov. 1st
Oct. 25 - Calgary Woman's Show - at the BMO centre in stampede park.
Oct. 25 & 26 - Extra Life Calgary, Participate in a 24 hour marathon to support the Alberta Children's Hospital. Join the Calgary Team or Donate! Follow them on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
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The Weekly "What to do in Calgary" Thread for Nov 3 - Nov 9

Ok /Calgary, here it is again! Sorry I missed last week, I feel really bad about that especially with Halloween being last week and my missing that day, but life gets in the way sometimes, sorry again. Let us know what you are going to be doing this week. Any special events, concerts, or anything at all that you want to add? Need a few guys for a rec hockey team or something? Feel free to post anything at all that you plan on doing. Also don't forget to go through the comments to see if there is anything you want to do that someone else suggests. Also lets not limit this to just Calgary, if you know of something going on in Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, or any surrounding area then let us know!
Nov. 3 - Nov. 9
Music & Shows
Nov - 3 : Arch Enemy will be at Mac Hall on UofC campus. - $33-$38
Nov - 4 : Motel Raphael will be at Gateway Bar on SAIT campus.- Free for SAIT/ACAD Students / $10 ADV / $12 Doors
Nov - 7 : Boyce Avenue @ Mac Hall - $25
Nov - 7 : SIINES @ Gateway bar. - Free for SAIT/ACAD Students / $10 ADV
Nov - 8 : Paper Lions @ Gateway bar. - $15 ADV from campus/sloth/Ticketmaster / $18 doors
Nov - 8 : Dreams a Fleetwood Mac tribute band will be at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. - $29 or $39 for first 10 rows.
Nov - 9 : Adam Cohen @ Gateway bar. - $25 ADV from Calgary Fold Festival / $30 doors
This week is Commonwealth's 3 year anniversary bash. Events include:
Is there something going on at the dome this week that I don't know about? Neither the flames or the Hitmen are in town at all this week, both are on away game streaks.
Nov - 5 & 6 : Buildex Calgary, a conference and tradeshow at the BMO centre focused on interior design, architecture, property management, and construction & renovation.
Nov - 6 : Publisher Freehand Books is hosting a book launch for Maurice Mierau and UofC writer-in-residence Ian Williams.
Nov. 8 - Tequila - The Triple Threat, a tequila and mescal tasting event at the crowfoot co-op wine and spirits.
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Cheap Trick - Friday, April 22, 2016

2 Tickets to Cheap Trick
Deerfoot Inn and Casino
Friday, April 22, 2016 - 9pm
Reserved Seats
$100 each
Row 6, Seats 125 & 126
Hard Copy Tickets
​​Concert is Sold Out
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Deerfoot Inn & Casino - YouTube deerfoot inn and casino - YouTube Feeding Lucy and Milburn the Deer - It's Busy! - YouTube DeerfootInnandCasino - YouTube DeerFoot Inn and Casino Replay Arena Coming Soon - YouTube Thanh An in Calgary 08/06/13 Deerfoot inn casino - YouTube Deerfoot Inn and Casino - YouTube

Deerfoot Inn And Casino in Calgary – Jetzt einfach, schell & sicher buchen bei HOTEL DE! Günstige Preise Exklusive Businessrabatte bis zu 30 % NEU: Miles & More Prämienmeilen bei jeder Buchung! Kanada Alberta Calgary Sehenswürdigkeiten und Aktivitäten in Calgary Deerfoot Inn and Casino ... Deerfoot Inn & Casino wurde von unseren Gästen mit „Fantastisch“ bewertet. Werfen Sie einen Blick in unsere Galerie, überzeugen Sie sich von den authentischen Gästebewertungen und buchen Sie jetzt mit Preisgarantie. Wenn Sie unseren Newsletter abonnieren, erfahren Sie sogar als Erstes von Angeboten und Aktionen. Beim "Deerfoot Inn And Casino" handelt es sich um ein Hotel in Calgary, Kanada. Ausstattung: Das "Deerfoot Inn And Casino" bietet 188 Zimmer. Übersetzungsdienste, ein Zimmerservice, ein Konferenzraum und ein Businesscenter stehen den Gästen der Unterbringung zur Verfügung. WiFi in den öffentlichen Bereichen ermöglicht es den Reisenden, mit der Außenwelt in Kontakt zu bleiben. Das Haus ... Casino Welcome to the Deerfoot Inn and Casino, Calgary’s favourite place to play! Our Casino and Lounges are full of excitement with live entertainment showcasing recording artists in our Chrome Showroom every Saturday night. There is something for everyone. From the first time gamer to the seasoned pro, we have all of our favorite games with plenty of action at Calgary’s hottest Casino ... Deerfoot Inn and Casino features 5 restaurants and bars offering a variety of foods as well as room service. There are 2 jacuzzis, an indoor pool, and a children’s pool. Guests can use the business center and gym or get body and facial treatments at the spa. Deerfoot Inn Calgary guest rooms feature 32-inch flat-screen TVs with cable and in-room movies. Coffee makers and refrigerators are ... The Deerfoot Inn and Casino is home to Calgarys largest indoor water park featuring 2 slides a childrens area and hot tubs. We also offer a wide range of dining choices including the Mohave Grill for a south western experience and Cactus Lounge. The Deerfoot Inn and Casino invites you to join them for an experience like no other. Complimentary local calls outdoor parking high speed internet ... Ab 64€ (1̶1̶1̶€̶) bei Tripadvisor: Hotel Deerfoot Inn and Casino, Calgary. 889 Bewertungen, 64 authentische Reisefotos und günstige Angebote für Hotel Deerfoot Inn and Casino. Bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 38 von 117 Hotels in Calgary mit 4/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Die Preise wurden am 7.12.2020 bei einem Ankunftsdatum am 20.12.2020 errechnet. Deerfoot Inn & Casino besitzt 188 Zimmer mit folgender Ausstattung: Zimmersafes und kostenlose Zeitungen. Jedes Zimmer ist individuell ausgestattet und eingerichtet. Zur Bettausstattung gehören Pillowtop-Matratzen und Daunenbettdecken sowie hochwertige Bettwaren. Neben 37-Zoll-LCD-Fernseher mit Premium-Digitalempfang sind die Zimmer mit folgenden Angeboten und/oder technischen Geräten ... Deerfoot Inn & Casino. One of the premier Calgary hotels, located in the South, this full-service hotel features 188 deluxe guest rooms, a conference center for meetings and conventions, a giant indoor water park, as well as four exceptional restaurants for dining. Our casino and lounges are full of excitement with live entertainment and our showroom concerts will get you dancing. We are ...

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Deerfoot Inn & Casino - YouTube

February 14th is the day of love and romance and you are going to try and do your best but when the chips are down you want a sure bet. Adore your loved one ... The Daily routine at Twin Eagle Ranch gets crazy when it's feeding time for 2 whitetail deer, Lucy and Milburn. Chris Does this 3 times a day.Check out Sum... Thirty second commercial promoting Replay Arena coming to the Deerfoot Inn and Casino. If you need video production for the web, TV or Cinema - send me an em... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Deerfoot Inn & Casino offers the newest and finest hotel convention center and entertainment complex in the south east part of the city. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world George Canyon - Unplugged NYE Special Presented by The Deerfoot Inn & Casino Say goodbye to 2020 and join us with George Canyon to ring in 2021! This is a fr... Thanh An in Calgary 08/06/13 Deerfoot inn casino Tinh cha